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Original art by: 紫※プロフ必読 in 通販のお知らせ【美猿/礼猿】collection.

Course PHYL-0V3: Topics in Physical Pleasure
Course description: Various topics of physical pleasure will be discussed with hands-on, one-to-one practice. Student(s) will learn about different methods of inducing pleasure in their partner during intimate contact. 

Instructor: Fushimi Saruhiko

Enrollment: 1

Restriction(s): restricted to Yata Misaki only. 

Prerequisite: You must be the individual Yata Misaki.


Saruhiko Hair Game

I know this is LONG over due and kinda’ dumb of me to ask this now, but I guess I wanted to see what everyone thinks. It’s pretty trivial, but I wanted to have fun with this all the same. There’s no argument that Saruhiko’s hairstyle changed from when he was in Homura to when he switched to Scepter 4. Most people take it that he styles his hair in a more “posh” way, but I think that hairstyle might also be due to running his fingers through his hair in frustration, since he’s pretty dissatisfied with a whole lot of things in his life.

So what I want to ask everyone is this: Do you support the theory that he styles his hair, or do you support the theory that he has a fabu hairstyle out of frustration?

Reblog for Saruhiko intentionally styles his hair, he makes an effort to look diva.

Like for Saruhiko gets a fabu hairstyle when he gets frustrated, and runs his fingers through his hair.

Err…I hope this gets fun! 

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